Ohio Changes Law to Allow Winners to
Sell All or Only a Part of Their Lottery Prizes

Columbus, OH (March 2005): The Ohio State Legislature has approved a change to Ohio's lottery law that now gives past lottery winners the right to trade all or only a portion of their remaining payments for upfront cash.

The new statute, effective March 31, 2005, is modeled on laws already in effect in dozens of other states, including Ohio. In contrast to the State's current cash option programs, the new law will afford winners the option of selling only a portion of their prize payments for upfront cash, keeping the remainder as payments to be received over time. This will give winner's added flexibility, permitting then to raise only as much cash as they may need.

Read or Download the text of Section 3770 of the Ohio Revised Code Annotated.
Read or Download an “Issue Brief” on Section 3770 of the Ohio Revised Code Annotated.
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Learn more about the new law and the Campaign for Winners’ Choice by calling the Winner’s Choice hotline, toll free, at 800-337-6407.

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